Identify and prioritize security risks in seconds

Agentless security for your infrastructure and applications - to build faster, more securely and in a fraction of the operational cost of other solutions

Cloud Security

Identify, prioritize and patch vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in your entire cloud environment

Audit & Compliance

Assess security configurations of your workload and use our proprietary compliance patching technology to fix the gaps for PCI-DSS, HIPAA & more

Vulnerability Management

Scan for vulnerable and unpatched operating systems, 3rd party software, and libraries in your workloads prioritized by risk.

Container Security

Discover, track and continuously secure docker containers, Kubernetes pods and microservices

Mobile App Security

Automated advanced security assessment of mobile applications - Android, iOS, Windows

Web Application Security

Detect, patch security gaps in static websites, complex web apps and APIs.

Total Coverage of your Environment

It’s time to get away with a myriad of security tools, complex reporting and false positives in your security assessment approach. SecOps brings automated application, infrastructure and cloud security solutions under one platform, that scales infinitely and has built-in integration for Slack, E-mail, JIRA and much more.

Zero Setup Time

SecOps configures in seconds because no software runs within your environment. There are no agents to install and maintain, no overlooked assets, no DevOps headaches, and no performance hits on live environments.

Context-Based Security Assessment

SecOps uses its proprietary context-based risk identification and patching technology to help reduce thousands of security alerts to the critical few that matter the most. Of Course we help you patch those vulnerabilities too!

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