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  • Database Credentials Coding Policy +

    In order to authorize an application to connect to internal databases, database authentication credentials are a must. However, improper usage, storage, or transmission of such credentials could result in the exposure of susceptible assets and serve as a launchpad for more considerable organizational compromise.

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  • Remote Access Policy +

    A remote access policy is defined as a document containing the guidelines for connecting to a company's network from a location other than the office. As remote work continues to gain popularity, it is one technique to help secure corporate data and networks. It is especially helpful for large firms with geographically distributed people logging in from unsafe sites like their home networks. This policy helps to mitigate external risks to the best of our ability.

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  • Server security policy +

    Server security includes the procedures and equipment required to safeguard the priceless information and assets stored on a company's servers and if these servers are vulnerable can lead to a key point for malicious threat actors. So, it is crucial to ensure that there is a consistent server installation policies, ownership, and configuration management.

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  • Web Application Security Policy +

    Web applications are the most accessible place for an attacker, so it is crucial to ensure that web applications are secure and reviewed properly before deploying. It covers all web application security assessments required by any company to identify weaknesses due to misconfiguration, weak authentication, sensitive information leakage, etc.

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