SecOps Solution vs Qualys

Qualys has added some Cloud Security Posture Manager (CSPM) features, but most of the platforms are experienced through a combination of workload agents (Qualys Cloud Agents) and scanners. Both try to evaluate the vulnerabilities present in the workload. The Qualys Cloud Agent is installed on each workload and runs with your application. Scanners, on the other hand, are network appliances that are outside the network workload and operate within peering.

Why choose SecOps over Qualys?



SecOps Solution provides a plug-n-play SAAS Deployment. It follows an agentless approach. Set up and start evaluating your security risks in only a few minutes.

Qualys provides an ineffective deployment method that calls for installing resource-intensive agents on each asset you want to monitor.


Context-aware, Risk-based prioritization

SecOps Solution effectively analyses vulnerabilities utilizing a context-based approach, helping the organizations focus on top 1% most critical and exploitable risks only.

Qualys does not support context-based risk prioritization


Mobile App Security

SecOps Solution provides the most comprehensive plug-n-play mobile app security platform.

No functionality for mobile application security available from Qualys.



SecOps Solution has support for PCI-DSS, HIPAA, CIS Level 1, CIS Level 2 and ISO 27001.

We found that Qualys has equally good support for Compliance.


Microservice Security

SecOps Solution supports both static and dynamic microservice security.

Qualys, on the other hand, offers a very basic approach that produces a large number of false positives.


Web App Security

SecOps’s web scanner has complete coverage of the OWASP TOP 10, WASC, and SANS TOP 25 is provided by SecOps Solution.

Qualys, however, only focused on the OWASP TOP 10.

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