SecOps Solution vs Rapid7 InsightVM

Rapid7 InsightVM uses a combination of workload agent and network scanner. Both can assess workload and container vulnerabilities, but only scanners can assess compliance.

Why choose SecOps over Rapid7 InsightVM



SecOps Solution provides a plug-n-play SAAS Deployment. It follows an agentless approach. Set up and start evaluating your security risks in only a few minutes.

Rapid7 requires resource-intensive agents to be installed on each asset you want to scan.


Context-aware, Risk-based prioritization

SecOps Solution effectively analyses vulnerabilities utilizing a context-based approach, helping the organizations focus on top 1% most critical and exploitable risks only.

Rapid7 Platform has rudimentary support for risk prioritization. And it did not consider the business and deployment context during the analysis.


Mobile App Security

SecOps Solution provides the most comprehensive plug-n-play mobile app security platform.

Rapid7 required us to buy a completely different solution for mobile app scan which required substantial manual configuration for each application and required another integration with BurpSuite. The scan results reflected that it was just another web scanner and wasn’t built for mobile apps and the threats in the mobile ecosystem.



Support from SecOps Solution for HIPAA, CIS, and PCI-DSS compliance.

Rapid7, however, performed poorly in terms of host-based compliance.


Microservice Security

SecOps Solution supports both static and dynamic microservice security.

Rapid7 has no native solution for container security, it uses its vulnerability scanner for servers to scan for containers which resulted in poor findings.


Web App Security

Complete coverage of the OWASP TOP 10, WASC, and SANS TOP 25 is provided by SecOps Solution.

Rapid7 focused only on the OWASP Top 10.

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